Over the last several decades I’ve honed and perfected skills in managing and training tens of thousands of small, medium & large business sales teams.

  • I’m the guy who was entrusted to run sales teams for Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes and Russ Whitney!
  • I’m the person who trained executives and teams for Intuit and CBS Television.
  • I am the one who coached, guided and or gave successful industry advice to Proctor & Gamble, Enterprise Rent-a-Car and Million Air!
  • I’m the individual who has helped tens of thousands of small, medium & large businesses significantly grow their sales within one year using what I’m about to roll out.

What does this mean for you?

You can access my exact methods and strategies immediately. In this program, I walk you step-by-step to create the action steps you need to dramatically increase your sales. I ALSO include free access to my automated SalesFollowUp123 system, PLUS lifetime membership in the 123 Insider Circle AND an additional Video Series on how to customize SalesFollowUp123 for your business.

The most important thing is that you will create your own customized sales plan, based on your individual business needs. I will instruct you on how to put your action steps into a 90-Day Calendar that simplifies your life so you have more time, make more money and serve more clients than ever before!


High Velocity Sales Training
is based entirely on the step-by-step process I used to smash sales records and accelerate sales for organizations, like Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes, Russ Whitney, Intuit, CBS Television, PaeTec Communications, by up to 862%.

It is the same methodology I have taught to over 10,000 business owners, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and sales people worldwide who have used it successfully to boost their own sales.


This six module program is available to you right NOW. You don’t have to wait or check schedules. You can start now with this virtual, multi-media program, and receive a new module as you complete each one. The modules will guide you step-by-step using tools and systems to get more leads and close more sales.

The program consists of videos which you can download and watch repeatedly to insure that you implement the action steps into your business. In a very short time, after completing the six modules, you’ll have all your action steps scheduled so you know exactly what to do to get your sales soaring!

Plus, you will become a member of the 123 Insider Circle which means you’ll have personal access to me. Plus, I’ll be offering you some surprise perks only available to the 123 Insider Circle! You’ll also get free access to the SalesFollowUp123 system so you won’t ever skip a beat when it comes to following up with your prospects. It will all be automated.

IMAGINE reducing your stress level, enjoying your life, and loving your work because you no longer have to worry about sales! IMAGINE how different it will be when you have a plan, a coach and a circle of influence to support you as you grow your business. IMAGINE if you knew you would finally see double or triple digit sales growth and be able to make a bigger difference in the world.

It Means.....

  • Wake up each day knowing your sales funnel is working and you’re adding new clients.
  • Feel sure that you are doing the right things every day to build your business.
  • Spend more time serving your clients and less time worrying about sales.
  • Experience more Abundance in every area of your life.
  • Enjoy Financial Freedom, which is why you started your business in the first place!
  • Eliminate stress, overwhelm, and fear of failure.
  • Re-create your business so that your funnel is full and your sales are consistently growing month-after-month!

This program is an absolute MUST if you are truly ready to transform your
life and business by escalating your sales revenue!

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High Velocity Sales Training 6 Module Outline:

Module 1- Generate More Leads

Let’s face it, if you don’t put enough leads into the funnel,
you won’t get enough dollars coming out the other end.

  • Learn the quickest and most effective lead generation activities.
  • Schedule your lead generation activities to maximize time and results.
  • Understand the key steps to focused lead generation.
  • Discover tools to automate lead generating activities.

Module 2 - Qualify Your Leads Better

Most low profit or struggling businesses work any lead they get without qualifying it.

  • Learn the must-haves for your business and how to create your marketing and prospecting activities.
  • Understand ways to use high-volume, short-term dialogues that quickly qualify the lead.
  • Experience transformation that results from hitting more targets with qualified leads.
  • Discover tools to enhance lead nurturing so leads become better qualified.

Module 3 - Make More Sales Presentations

The more presentations you make, the more sales you will close.

  • Uncover multiple tips for increasing the number of sales presentation.
  • Learn how to leverage online resources to make more presentations.
  • Understand how building trust first gets you “in the door” to make more presentations.
  • Discover how to automate sales presentations so that qualified leads can access them.

Module 4 - Increase Your Conversion Rate

It is crucial to know your close ratio. Once you have a baseline, you can measure your upward progress.

  • Learn various techniques for increasing your close ratio.
  • Uncover new ways to address objections before they come up!
  • Understand the relationship between number of presentations and number of new clients.
  • Discover how to use automation tools to bring your clients to “YES”.

Module 5 - Increase Your Transactional Value

Most people don’t realize that it’s easier to get more money from a current client than it is to get a new client.

  • Learn ways to introduce complementary products and services.
  • Understand how to leverage existing customers to increase revenue.
  • Uncover the strategies to increase pricing by adding value to existing products.
  • Discover the simplicity of using automation to generate additional revenue from existing client base.

Module 6 - Communicate Constantly with Follow Up

Statistics show about 3 to 10% of all buyers are actually ready to buy on the first contact. So that is 1 in 10.

  • Learn how to treat your prospects like royalty throughout the sales cycle.
  • Explore the various ways to implant your company’s name into your prospect’s mind.
  • Understand how to insure a healthy ROI when you invest in follow-up campaigns.
  • Discover the tools that allow you to stay in touch on auto-pilot.

Bonus #1:

6 Months of Sales Followup 123 including bonus training videos!


    One of your most important assets are your contacts. They are who will buy from you. With the Sales Follow Up 123 Contact Manager simply and easily manage all your individual and group contacts in one place.


    Your Follow Up Manager will summarize for you what individual follow up actions are taking place on any given day.  This allows you to see who you are following up with or need to follow up with on any given dat.  Your follow up actions are visually shown so you can quickly see who you are automatically or manually following up with on the selected day.

    With a click of a button, it allows you to quickly and easily report completed actions, set new follow up dates and choose to continue or end follow up sequences, so you can move on with your day to drive your business forward.


    Send text based emails, as well as SMS, audio, and video messages.

    Track and measure your day to day communications effectiveness. Send messages when you want to the people you want either right away or schedule them and send them later. Create your own custom communication or choose from the pre-written templates and modify those if you choose.


    Easily view and track all of your valuable opportunities with the Opportunity Manager. It tracks the source, type, and name as well as forecast versus actual. You can view the status of any campaign in progress for that opportunity. Communicate with team members working on this opportunity.

    Comprehensive history sections, automatically populating all communication, regardless of format. (phone calls, emails, SMS, files, documents, notes)

Bonus #2:

Bonus #3:

Lifetime membership in the 123 Insider Circle


So, How Much Does It Cost?

The value of High Velocity Training, plus the Bonuses is $4,997. Good news. You’re not going to pay anywhere near that. You’re not even going to pay a thousand dollars. I want to share these teachings with as many people as possible.


High Velocity Sales Training is Available for
ONLY $497.

You receive all the training videos that consist of the sales system that took me decades and a fortune to learn. And, it’s available to you, right now, to learn at your convenience and in the comfort of your home or office.

Here’s what the High Velocity Sales Training Includes:

  • 6 Modules that will guide you step-by-step using tools and systems to get more leads and close more sales.
  • FREE 6-Months Access to the SalesFollowUp123 System
  • Lifetime membership in the 123 Insider Circle
  • Separate Training Modules to teach you how to use SalesFollowUp123
  • Direct access to Doug through the 123 Insider Circle Facebook Group
  • Customized Email Templates and Scripts

Generate YOUR High Velocity Sales NOW!

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Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

I created this program with the intention of giving you immense value. I am really loving the opportunity to share with you everything I have learned which has helped me bring so many business owners to financial freedom. However, if you participate fully in the program and you do not get increased sales results, there is no way I could feel good about things, so all you need to do is contact us at support@highvelocitytraining.com and your money will be returned.



Don’t be the person who says “I will do this later or when x , y, z happens.” Why would you live one more day not moving towards building the business of your dreams? Are you willing to continue to struggle to find the right clients and do the work you know you’re supposed to do?

Take your chance. As my own 87-year old business mentor (who is still running his own company, by the way) says, “To have self-worth, figure out what you should be doing and then do it.” You don’t know if there will be another chance. The door is open. Just walk through it.

Remember, High Velocity Sales Training is 6 complete modules of video and exercises for only $497! These proven strategies are time tested and are the reason I have been able to help so many businesses grow and thrive. And if, for any reason, you aren’t happy, you can benefit from our 100% money-back guarantee.